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I am requesting prayers selfishly for myself at this time.  I am trying to deal with a teenage stepson who has just moved in with my new partner and I...and as a result am having terrible daily migraines.  I will be online but in spotty appearances for a few days while I concentrate on making it to work and on resting when I can.  I am also starting some sessions in acupuncture to see if it works for healing.  Thanks ahead for all who care for me and have helped me here.

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Nothing will suck the life out of you faster than kids. Teenagers do that at light speed.  Good luck with the stepson!  Stay strong and i hope the acupuncture works for you.  You could ask some of the older ladies at your job for tips on how to deal with teenagers.  Mothers always love to give advice on children.  I will pray for your migraines to go away, i get them badly at times and they are no fun. 


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This may sound like a off-the-wall question...but there is reason I ask this...

Have you recently stopped drinking coffee or any kind of drink that contains caffeine?

Here's the reason I ask mother tried to stop drinking coffee...she ended up with the most horrible headache...non-stop pounding.

She went cold turkey and quit completely drinking coffee...but the headaches cost her a few thousand dollars, from going to the doctors many times and prescription drugs....that didn't work.

She got to the point of taking shots of Alcohol just to try and kill the pain.
She makes her own Kahlua which is made with Vodka and coffee. She started taking shots of that, she then realized that the headaches were going away...she got a little drunk in the process...but her headaches were stopping. It then dawned on her that it wasn't the was the Caffeine, she was having withdrawals from Caffeine.

She started drinking coffee again.

The same happen to me as I was cutting back on soda's...I am a Pepsi freak...I love my pepsi's...but I started drinking less because of Acid Reflux. I started getting headaches...all day and all night. But I noticed that they wouldn't be so bad when I hate a piece of chocolate, chocolate has caffeine in it.

So to avoid the headaches...I drink at least one soda a day to keep the headaches away...but it's something you have to do gradually....I couldn't go cold turkey...I had to do it slowly and reduce my caffeine intake little by little.

I was just asking as I am trying to narrow it down to something simple before looking at the next thing which would be a pinched nerve in your neck...that will cause major headaches...or inflamed nerves..which is caused by stress. Right at the back at the base of your head, there are many tiny nerves there...and when stressed they become inflamed...which can cause bad headaches.

Let me know when your feeling better...which I pray is soon.

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You see the loose skin between the thumb and fore finger?

where the arrow points to, place the thumb and for finger of the other hand, in those points thumb on the bottom finger on the top and gently but firmly this every few ninutes until the pain starts to relieve...

this is accupressure which will assist until you get to the accupuncturist....

and you can also use the tourmaline but cleanse it first...the tourmailine grounds the energy within the body draining away the energy causing the pain...also call on Archangel Raphael to drain it away and relax you...

Blessings hon

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Thank you and thank you again!  You all mean the world to me right now!

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