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A very good and close friend of mine has a teenage son. He is a member of the Bebo site and has just been found to be cutting himself...

Please pray for his healing and freedom from this sinister, awful thing...pray too that Bebo is shut down...

I invoke the power of the Archangel Raphael
whose influence is under your concern

Heal Jay in mind, body and spirit
Uplift his soul, healing his pain and anguish
taking it away, and replacing it with a comoforting

To the Glory of the name of God and Goddess

As it is written so it shall be


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Prayers are being sent for this youngster.

They do need to shut down Bebo...and they thought My Space was bad.

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Darryl, Many prayers and thoughts to your friends in need, I also hope that site is shut down, Our poor world what has it come to..... Sad Sad, many blessings

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darryl sending lots of prayers out to you'r friend in need , i agree this site should be shut down .  i worry so much for all the children of today , so many dangers out there and so many children influenced so easy and abused it is heartbreaking.

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Many Prayers are being sent your way darryl for your friend! 

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Many, many prayers to Jay and all children that might be influenced by Bebo

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Hi Darryl and All

I ask that the angel Opal and all of the other angels and archangels look after our children and young people.  I also pray that no negative influences be able to cause them any harm. 

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Bebo is evil and must be stopped.  I pray that this child is not the next victim but a tool to help shut it down.  Teenagers these days are very lost, i have a hard enough time finding a decent babysitter because of this.  Prayers of healing and rationalization are headed their way. 

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Thanks everyone, it really is a dangerous site that I am sure somehow is putting out subliminal messages...Jay was fine until he joined that site..which of course he did after the news story on it...sometimes I think that the media needs to play a part in understanding their reposnsibility too...

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