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There was an awful tornado that ripped through the Southern US killing at least 52 people...Lanna messaged me yesterday to tell me it was the headlines are bleak..

Please Join me in a prayer for their safety, and wellbeing...

I Invoke the spirit of the storm to quiet and peace
I invoke Archangel Uriel to subdue it
I invoke Archangel Raphael to rest the winds
I invoke Archangel Michael to protect the people
I invoke Archangel Gabrielle to carry those who have passed, to the Light

I ask in the spirit of unconditional love and friendship
that Lanna, Jim, Suzy and her babies be safe and protected from this wrath of nature, and that we hear form them soon...

I ask this favour to the glory of the name of God and Goddess, and for the highest good of all..

As it is written so it is...Amen

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Darryl......Thank you, so much, for the prayer.  That was a very sweet thing for you to do and we appreciate it more than you'll know.

We're fine.  It did get rough around here from about 8:30 PM thru 3 AM.  We didn't even try to go to bed until we were sure the last wave of storms had passed... around 3:30AM.  Thankfully, the metro Nashville area was spared.  Numerous tornadoes and even a wall cloud was seen in the downtown area heading this way but, it skipped over us and hit in Castalian Springs where the pumping station was hit and exploded.  This is also where an 11 month old baby boy was found in an open field...uninjured and is being released from the hospital this evening....his mother was killed.  I won't go on as I'm sure you've seen it or read about it.  It's just so heart wrenching to see the survivors on the news telling of their fear, their loss, whether it was possessions or loved ones.  It's devastating for them and it could just as easily been us.

Suzy and the girls were beside themselves.  Everytime it thundered and/or lightened....Lil'Bit barked and growled as she was wrapped around my neck...Mabel climbed on my lap and Suzy was plastered to Jim.

Thanks again for thinking of us....and invoking the angels to care for all of us.

  ((HUGS))  Lanna

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I'm really glad that everything is good with you and your family Lanna!!


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Oh Lanna I was so sitting up, praying that you would be ok and that the babies would be ok too...and that was the word I used "babies" it shocked me when I read about the 11 month old found in a field basically unharmed...

I am Just so happy that you are all ok....Many Blessings hon, time to move my heart wont take it...

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Wow what an amazing story. I am so glad you are alive and well.  Maybe every one can say a prayer for everyone who had to go through this.=)

So glad to here your all ok Lanna.

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I saw these storms on the devastating & frightening for everyone!
I am glad that your family is safe. I agree that we should all remember them in our prayers.

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Thank God Lanna!! I am so happy to hear you are all just fine! It's sad about the lives lost and the people without homes. I will also pray that they find peace and all to have a new home to live in.

You had me scared there Lanna...I don't want to lose you!

(((((((((((((((((((MAJOR HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Thank you all, so much.....Darryl, Olivia, Leandra, Kat & Gapeach.  I feel so humbled to read your well wishes and blessings......I love you all. 

Please do continue to pray for all those that have lost loved ones and everyone that lost  everything they have.  Thanks again....... 

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Hello Lanna & Family... Thank goodness you are all alright... Prayers to all who lost their family members..

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Oh Lanna hon, of course we are praying for everyone else who is affected in any way...Blessings and prayers for you all hon

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Hi Lanna and All

Glad to hear you and your family are okay! I had no idea until today that you were in a storm affected area.  How scary!

Great invocation Darryl.  I am going to have to get off my lazy butt and copy down these invocations!

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Hi Everyone......

I'm watching the news now and there are still 218 people missing in Tennessee from the tornadoes......and there is so much debris everywhere to go through.  They did find 3 people last night that had gone into their basement and the house had collapsed on top of them and they couldn't get out.  There was some good news about the little 11 month old boy...I think his name is Kyson.  He was shown on the news after his release from the hospital...he had a collapsed lung, no broken bones, numerous scratches and cuts on his face and arms....a cute precious baby...his mother was killed and he will be living with his grandparents now.

The Humane Society is bringing in special units to care for displaced pets....whether lost or their owners died.  One woman was found in a field lying next to her 14 year old Chocolate Lab....both dead and they've only found 7 of her 9 horses.

I'm sorry to go on like this.  I know all of you have tv's and radios and newspapers and have probably heard everything I've just typed.  It's just so close to us and our local stations are covering it almost 24 hours it seems.  All the people that are being interviewed have lost something and they break down.....they're in such despair........and then there are all the pets that are just wandering around or sitting there with a lost and terrified look on their face.  It's all so just kills me to see it.  I don't even need to be watching the news but, I can't help it.  I heard the little boy was going to be on there and I really wanted to see him.

Please continue to remember all of them in all 4 states in your prayers .....I know you will but I have to say it.


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Hi Lanna!  Great to hear from you.  Those tornados are horrible!  I can't believe the devestation.  And in 4 states too.  Its unbelieveable.  Of course i'll pray for the safety of those missing and that the souls of those lost will go to the light.  It is a bit scary that 218 people can't be found.  That's a lot of bodies.  Hopefully with everyone's help these states can pick up and start to rebuild soon enough.  So glad to hear that baby is not a total orphan.  It is very sad about his mother though, but i bet she was guarding him until someone found him.  I know i would. 

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Oh Lanna hon your words brought me to tears...I could see it all as I was reading it, one little dog in particular...a little black and white mutt his ears back, panting and his huge eyes going back and forth...shaking...looking for some comfort....the people just stood in front of their damaged lives...

I Invoke Archangel Zadkiel to stand forth and balance this disaster with Divine Justice, removing all obstacles to help, healing and assistance for everyone who has been touched by this disaster...

To the Glory of the name of God & Goddess and for the very good of all concerned...

As it is written, so it mote it be

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Hi Lymbis......There's 218 still missing but, they're hoping some of them left ahead of the storms to be with family or friends out of harms way.  You know, I felt that the mother of the baby was probably with him.....and maybe even led the searchers to him.  I would have stayed with him too...he's just precious.

Thank you, Darryl, for all you do and for the invocation.  I just have to get up and get my mind on something else....otherwise, I worry and want to cry all the time.  I think I won't watch the news anymore for awhile.

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